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Fire Damage Restoration Calls for Professional Service


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Fire Damage Restoration Calls for Professional Service

Based on the statistical research in the year 2009, National Fire protection association in the United States published that a total of about 12.5 billion USD of property was damaged of approximately1.3 million fires all over the country. It is suspected that in 2003, the fire department would respond every twenty seconds to a fire alarm. When there you encounter a fire catastrophe, in your residence or even your business, to curb this unfortunate and frightening experience, an immediate fire damage response is inbound.

It is advisable to hire professionals when you encounter any fire/ water damages. Since water and fire damage progresses with time and affects all the assets you own in your residence or your business respectively. The effect of carbonic acids that are built up due to smoke will gradually corrode surfaces and maybe stain them permanently. Smoke deposits that may be pressurized in a fire may occasionally cause cracking of the walls. This leaves deposits in the cracks that produce a nasty smell as well.


Water damage that may was due to a natural disasters or even by the fire department when extinguishing the fire in your home can cause a huge deal of loss. Other fungal organisms that are generally toxic to your respiratory system can conductively grow within a short span of time. I twenty four to forty eight hours mold can grow in your home. Some of these organisms cause respiratory diseases and complications lie asthma, severe allergic reaction due to molds dust etc. it is always very prudent to involve a professional fire and water damage restoration service after such catastrophes in your premises.

Taking precautions that are given to you by any fire department should be your mandate. You are not supposed to enter the damaged building lest you obtain a clearance from the fire department professionals. Once you are good to access the building, take the inventory and ensure that all the windows are fully open. Remove all foods and beverages in the refrigerator/ freezer and take all the pets to a clean and safer environment. You MUST not wipe or clean the walls and other surfaces and avoid using upholstered furniture. You should not consume any foods that were exposed to high temperatures and excessive smoke. Avoid using electrical appliances including TVs, Water heaters etc. until they have been cleared and the electrical wiring have been confirmed to be okay. Take your clothing to a dry cleaner that specializes on removing smoke odor to ensure proper cleaning of your garments. Avoid using any heating or air conditioning appliances until they are confirmed to be okay.

Water/ fire damage restoration professionals will clean all your upholstery in your residence along with carpets, drapes, walls, ceilings and all goods including furniture. They ensure that all trim in your kitchen and bathrooms are clean. Ensure that all cracks due to intense heat are corrected with soot deposits removed for a clean conducive residence. Deodorants will be applied to remove permanently smoke odors as well as clogging water odor due to mold and mildew.

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